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Daz Dillinger Says Funkmaster Flex Is Working With The Feds [VIDEO]

By Daryl Nelson

Daz Dillinger claims that Funkmaster Flex's rant about how Tupac shot himself in 1994 at Quad Studios proves that Flex is working with the Feds.

“Speaking on that Funkmaster Flex shit. Niggas who Flex was talking about, about Pac and all them, them niggas was working with the Feds. So if they working for the Feds, then you protecting them niggas then you must be working with the Feds too, Funkmaster Flex. So are you a snitch? Are you ‘that’ guy? You protecting a bunch of niggas. Was they punking you, nigga? Was they putting a gun to you, nigga? I think so. Look like you been losing a lot of weight over there. You better start taking your diabetic shots, nigga. Yeah, and that car you gave my little cousin? We wrecked that motherfucker. Bitch ass nigga.”
Flex has been taking a lot of heat ever since he said Pac Cheddar Bobbed himself -- and then falsely blamed the attack on Biggie Smalls.

We wonder if he regrets ranting about 2pac, because it seems his list of enemies is growing by the minute. You can see Daz's entire IG video below.

#DazDillinger questions whether #FunkFlex is working with the Feds after his #2Pac comments.

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