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Lil Yachty Responds To Joe Budden Saying That He Ruined Hip Hop

By Daryl Nelson

Joe Budden  threw down the gauntlet yesterday and declared Lil Yacthy is bad for Hip Hop.

"I don’t think that Yachty is Hip Hop," Joe declared. "I think Yachty is ruining the culture. Someone who should not be accepted in this fucking culture.”
Here's how Boat responded:

Then Joe shot back.

"Fuck your mood," he wrote in a now deleted tweet.

Then he followed that message up with another one.

Afterward, someone asked Budden, who's now officially retired, if he was planning to write some new bars for Yachty.

What do you think? Will Yachty ever stop being blasted for his music?

Apparently, "old heads" like Joe haven't realized that rap has multiple categories these days, and not everyone is going to be a Jay Electronica or Kendrick.

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