Migos Members Disagree When Asked If They'd Perform At A Gay Club

By Daryl Nelson

In a Rolling Stone article last month, Migos said they were confused about Makonnen coming out of the closet and then getting support for it.

"They supported him?" asked Quavo. "That's because the world is fucked up," Offset followed. Then Takeoff said "This world is not right."
They received backlash for their words, and immediately apologized.

Recently, the group chopped it up with a TMZ reporter, who asked them again about those comments.

"It's cool to be yourself," said Offset. "The way they did it, that wasn't real," Quavo then said about the Rolling Stone article. "A lot of people twist your words up."
Afterwards, the reporter decided to put Migos on the spot and asked them if they'd ever perform at a gay club.

"Nah," said Offset. "Salute everybody who choose that route. I just ain't gonna do that."
But Quavo and Takeoff had a different answer.

"If the bag long enough," Takeoff stated. "If the club paying the same what they paying for the Migos to perform, I'll pull up," explained Quavo.
You can watch the interview below.

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