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Remy Ma Sends A Stern Warning To Her Instagram Haters

By Daryl Nelson

Remy Ma is tired of people leaving nasty comments on her IG page, so she left a nice little message for them.

While relaxing in her Las Vegas hotel room, the Bronx native reminded people how to conduct themselves when they hit her up on social media.

"I'm realizing that there's motherfuckers that forgot the rules on my page, or ya'll some new motherfuckers that's just coming over here and ya'll don't know the rules over here," she said. "You can't comment what ya'll want on my page. I'm gonna fucking block you. I might even take out the time to fucking personally [get] at you and violate you."
Most of Remy's IG haters are likely Nicki Minaj's fans are still mad over the "shETHER" diss.  Remy says she'll block them and anyone who co-signs one of their disses.

"Soon as I get some time, I am going to go on a fucking blocking spree," she promised. "I'm taking it so far. I'm not just blocking the motherfucker that wrote the comment that I don't like, I'm blocking the motherfuckers that liked the comment from the motherfucker that wrote the comment that I don't like."
Remy then threw in a few more insults just for good measure. You can watch funny the clip below.

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