50 Cent's Getting Sued $200 Million For Swiping Concept For 'Power'

By HHL Editors

Getting sued has been the bane of 50 Cent's existence, and has pushed the Get Rich Or Die Tryin rapper into bankruptcy.

Now Fif's facing his most potentially devastating lawsuit.

Writer Larry Johnson is seeking $200 million from 50 for swiping the concept of the TV show Power.

In 2005, Johnson says he sent  his manuscript Tribulation of a Ghetto Kid to Nicki Turner at G-Unit books. Although it was published elsewhere, Johnson claims Turner must have showed it to 50 because of the similarities between his work and the Starz series which debuted almost a decade later.

According to Johnson, those similarities include the main character (James "Ghost" St. Patrick on Power) owning a nightclub, having a goatee, and having a best friend with a short fuse. Johnson also says 50 got St. Patrick's "ghost" nickname from him.

While this info alone doesn't seem like it would add up to a court victory for Johnson, maybe he has more evidence of thievery. 50 better still be paying his lawyers ...

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