50 Cent Takes Time Off Of His Busy Beef Schedule To Clown Meek Mill

By HHL Editors

Troll king 50 Cent is currently IG attacking his ex Vivica Fox, who just got on TV and told the world Fif was probably gay. His never ending social media war with Rick Ross also just reemerged like a rash.

If that wasn't enough, 50 took some time out of a concert in Sweden last night to go after Mr. Twitter fingers himself (and MMG rapper) Meek Mill

"Nigga [Meek Mill] started the shit," 50 told the Swedish crowd, after bringing up Drake's Meek diss 'Back To Back'. "It's like you was picking on someone in the schoolyard, and then the motherfucker [50 makes an exaggerated punching motion.]"
Does Meek come at 50? Or is it best he just leaves this one alone?

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