Did 50 Cent Sex Tape Trial Cause Rick Ross To Attack Landscaper?

By HHL Editors

Rick Ross is facing serious charges after allegedly kidnapping and pistol whipping a landscaper he caught having an unauthorized party on the grounds of his Atlanta mansion.

The incident took place on June 17th, which happens to be the day after a sex tape featuring his baby mama Lastonia Leviston was played to the judge and jury as part of her lawsuit against 50 Cent.

The Daily Beast asked Ross's lawyer Adamma McKinnon if that may have contributed to her client's mindset:

Asked if the sex tape played in Manhattan Supreme Court (Ross’s ex is currently suing 50 Cent for defamation) the day before the alleged incident with his groundskeeper sent the rapper into a rage, McKinnon said she didn’t know. “That’s never been in the discussion or never been brought up,” she said.
Then the Beast goes on to make the case that Ross had reasons to be furious about what was going on in court, and that frustration may have led to him going off on the worker.

50 Cent is facing his own potentially serious (financial) repercussion for leaking the embarrassing sex tape.

But if doing so helped get Ross in the predicament he's currently in, we suspect troll king Fif is patting himself on the back.

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