50 Cent Says He'll Have No Problem Beating up Conor McGregor

By Daryl Nelson

50 Cent claims he can beat Conor McGregor for two reasons.  One, he's bigger and weighs a lot more and, two, McGregor wouldn't last in a street fight with him. 

“Right now, when he’s at 154 pounds? I’m 225 right now,” the rapper told  the U.K  publication Express. “They don’t understand this is heavyweight shit going on around here. I hit them, they see a white light. They hear a message. Slow down, boy. They think Jesus is talking to them ... Outside the confinements of the sport. If you got into a [street] fight, it’s a different thing.”

This is the second time the G-Unit boss said he could whip the UFC fighter. The first time it was after McGregor called him and Floyd Mayweather "fake money bitches" when McGregor was promoting his fight with the boxer.

Do you agree with 50's assessment and believe Fif could take down Conor in the streets.


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