50 Cent Reveals Spending In New Bankruptcy Filings

By HHL Editors

50 Cent has to keep the bankruptcy court up-to-date with his finances, and in his latest filings he reveals his spending habits.

According to the December 18 paperwork, Fif's expenses are now $167,000 a month.

He spends 77K on mortgage payments, rent, auto expenses, child support, taxes and home and other maintenance.  Of that, $3,443 generously goes to his grandfather Curtis Jackson Sr.

Additonally, last month the 40-year old spent 90K in professional fees, bankruptcy costs and other expenses.

Luckily for Fif, that's still not quite as much as he brings in. His monthly revenues were $183,000, with $163,000 coming from his rental properties and businesses.

Of course, the bad news is that he still owes more than $28 million to just his top 20 creditors, including seven million to Rick Ross's baby mama.

Now the court will have to decide the state of his assets. Those would include his rapidly deprecating Connecticut mansion. But not his music catalog, which 50 has already sold off.

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