50 Cent Refuses To Leave The Stage For T.I. And Jeezy

By HHL Editors

50 Cent was doing his thing at Hot 107.9's annual Birthday Bash in Atlanta this weekend when his allotted time on stage came to an end.

But instead of leaving, 50 Cent decided to complain about being booted for the Birthday Bash headliners T.I. and Jeezy.

It seemed like one of those joking/not joking situations.

"My time is up?" he said. "You mean to tell me you motherfuckers is gonna kick me off the stage for T.I. and Jeezy? Fuck this!"
Next he dramatically dropped his mic like he was going to leave.

But instead he stayed for another couple of minutes.

"I got one minute left. You mean to tell me I can’t have one minute? I’m not leaving, I don’t give a fuck who’s coming up next," he said, before berating Hot 107.9 program director and declaring he's "rich as a mother fucker" despite filing for bankruptcy.
Check out Fif's funny little fit below:

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