50 Cent Refused To Take His Grandfather To The Strip Club


On social media, 50 Cent portrays himself as a guy who will do just about anything and has no filter.

But it turns out he does have some limits. During an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan 50 admitted that he was worried about societal norms when his dear old grandfather asked Fif to take him to the nudie bar.

“He…was asking me, like, take me to one of those clubs, like where them girls at,” he said. “I just didn’t know how that would go over. Like in the media,” he added. When Kelly incredulously said, “You didn’t take him?” 50 said, “If I had my 84-year-old grandfather in the strip club? They’d go, ‘OK, 50’s finally lost it.'”

Hmm. We don't think that would be what made everyone think Fif lost it. In fact, he should have probably let the old man see some titties.

Would you take grandpa to the strip club?

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