50 Cent Likens 'Empire' To 'Hip Hop Glee'

By HHL Editors

Since criticizing Empire for ripping off his show Power's marketing late last year, 50 Cent has been suspiciously quite about TV's hottest show.

In fact, there were even whispers Fif was going to briefly jump ship and do an Empire cameo.

But when it comes to needling the competition, 50 is always going to be that guy. So when MTV recently asked him what he thought about the Fox drama, this is what he had to say:

"It’s like Glee," 50 said with a smile. "It’s like Glee with a little Hip Hop music in it."

He also took a shot at how fast the plot moves. "I thought the storyline was moving extremely fast... I was like, ‘Damn. What happened? What happened to the rest of the story?'"

Fif did add, "I think [Empire's] good, and I’m happy the show’s successful." But he made his point.

Do you agree that Empire is Hip Hop Glee.

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