50 Cent Keeps Coming At Ja Rule

By HHL Editors

Spurred on by the Drake-Meek feud, 50 Cent and Ja Rule rekindled their beef last week

If anyone thought it was just going to be a temporary thing, they don't know Fif.

The 40-year old jumped all over Rule this weekend for what was just an innocuous IG post promoting an event in Milwaukee

A video posted by Ja Rule (@ruleyorkcity) on

Even though it had nothing to do with him, 50 couldn't let such commerce stand, and he dropped this response.

50 ja

Ja came back with a Goodfellas reference.

ja 50

Maybe 50 was feeling extra salty because on Friday Ja got on Charlamagne's MTV show and claimed he had won their (old) beef "on the streets."

Any interest in 50 and Ja going at it? Or are they just too old for this nonsense?

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