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50 Cent Is Pissed And Leaving Instagram


If you were born in the 21st Century, you'd probably think 50 Cent was an Instagram personality rather than a rapper.

Which is why this is such shocking news.

"I'm leaving IG. I'm going back To Twitter. They take shit down off my page with out notifying me @censorthesenuts," 50 wrote in what could be his last IG Post.

We have noticed that 50 has had posts which trolled Diddy and Rampage Jackson disappear recently. He also lost a screencap of Teairra Marí's sex tape. We thought that was because Fif had second thoughts about being such a jerk.

Instead, maybe somebody at IG is having those thoughts for him

Anyway, it looks like Kanye now has a rival for Twitter outrageousness.  If Fif really follows through on his threats to leave his second home.

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