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50 Cent Fires Back After Getting Mocked For Being Bankrupt


50 Cent used to be really rich.

Then he had some legal and commercial misfortune and, like our President, went bankrupt.

He's settled that and is on his way back -- with a big assist from an old bitcoin play.

So when an Instagram follower brought up the bankruptcy, he wasn't having it.


There's no doubt bankruptcy can be a financial ploy. By going Chapter 11, Fif only had to pay back $23 million of the $36 million he owed. (Most of his debts were because he lost lawsuits to Rick Ross's Baby Mama and an audio company he had worked with.)

But there's also little doubt Fif has a lot less money than he did during his Forbes-topping, multi-platinum-selling,  Vitamin Water days.

Do you think he'll be able to make it all back?

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