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50 Cent Disses Lloyd Banks On Instagram

By Daryl Nelson

What a difference just a few days make.

Last week Lloyd Banks lost his grandmother, and folks like 50 Cent gave their condolences on Instagram. Over the weekend, however, Fif dissed his longtime friend out of nowhere.

For some reason, the G-Unit leader posted a photo of two milk cartons and one of them had the word "missing" on it, to insinuate that Banks' career has disappeared. Why Fif would do such a thing after his boy just suffered a tragic loss is unknown, but it's not the first time.

For the past few years 50 has publicly called Lloyd out and accused him of not working hard enough. He also told the Hunger for More rapper that he should've gotten over the death of his father quicker.

Banks hasn't responded to Fif's recent diss yet and even if he does, he probably won't send a shot back. The way it looks, both he and Yayo have gotten used to this kind of stuff from him.

Lloyd Banks, picture belongs on this Box.

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