50 Cent Mocks Kanye West And His Claims Of Being The Best

By Daryl Nelson

As we reported earlier, 50 Cent hit Conan last night to promote his new movie Den of Thieves. During his visit, he spoke on several topics including JAY-Z's "4:44" album.

The New York rapper also discussed Kanye West during the sit-down. In doing so, he explained that 'Ye is as full of shit as Donald Trump,  whom 50 isn't a big fan of.

"Kanye West compares himself to Steve Jobs, Picasso, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan and Walt Disney," said Fif. "I think this is a part of building your self-esteem. It's just built astronomically high, to see yourself the greatest as everything. He's doing the same thing as Trump. I think it comes from that portion of your career where no one actually believes in it and you have to have so much confidence for it to continue to exist."

Do you agree with 50, who's been shading 'Ye for years? Or do you believe West may be as innovative and great as folks like Jobs, Picasso, Disney and the MJs?


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