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50 Cent Bought Young Buck A Rolls Royce

By HHL Editors

50 Cent and Young Buck have had their issues in the past. In fact, Fif, savage that he is, once recorded and released a phone conversation he had with Buck in which the G-Unit solider humiliated himself by weeping about his problems with the IRS.

But Buck and his mentor have been good lately, and through Buck we've just been exposed to other side of Fif: The very, very generous side.

A few days ago Buck got on Instagram and showed off the swanky new Rolls Royce 50 bought for him.

@50cent BOUGHT IT FOR ME," Buck wrote in the caption.

The underwear business must be mighty good these days.

@50cent BOUGHT IT FOR ME SHAWTY.....#ButItsStillMine!!!!! NEW MIXTAPE ALERT...#10Bullets HOSTED BY: @justwhookid DROPPING TUESDAY APRIL 7th EVERYWHERE U !!!! #GunitSouth #DopeBoyUniversity

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