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50 Cent Blasts 'Power' For Showing His Peen

By HHL Editors

50 Cent likes to beef.

But you would think his hit show Power would be a conflict free zone. At least publicly.

That wasn't the case this weekend, when Fif went after Power creator and executive producer Courtney Kemp for approving scenes that showed his peen.

Check out his IG posts.

Man I just saw episode 4, of POWER Courtney I'm a kill you, this is not funny . I think I just saw my in a scene. What the fuck Courtney call my phone NOW!!!

A photo posted by 50 Cent (@50cent) on

50 peen 50 peen 1 50 peen 2 50 peen 3

It's unclear if 50 was actually offended by the sight of his own penis.  He could very well just be trolling or marketing.

But Kemp took him seriously enough to jump on IG and explain that he had signed a nudity waiver.

Ghost must die and @50cent must lie because you knew what we were shooting during 404. Yeah that's your you signed the waiver like everybody else. A photo posted by Courtney Kemp (@courtneyakemp) on
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