3000 Show Up After Chinese IG Model Offers Free Sex


Sex is rarely really "free."

So when Chinese blogger and model Miss Ye offered the opportunity to have free sex in her hotel room about 3000 men tried to take up the offer.

"Who's coming to get have sex...for free," she wrote underneath a video of her writhing around in her underwear. 

She also left her hotel room number at the DoubleTree Hilton in Sanya, China in the post. That was at 8 PM on March 1.

By 10 PM the lobby of the hotel was full of men wanting to collect on the free sex. Some began banging on her door. A frightened Ye requested the hotel staff escort her from her room and to a taxi as a crowd of up to 3000 dudes was now looking for free sex.

The 19-year old was arrested at the airport on suspicion of advertising about prostitution. She told the cops she had just done it to attract more Internet followers and had no real intention of giving away free sex. (Why she posted her actual location is a mystery.)

She was given a 15-day prison sentence and will be forced to pay about a $75 fine.

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