2Pac's Quad Studio Shooter Dexter Isaac Says Pac's Buddy Set Him Up


Dexter Issac has taken responsibility for the shooting and robbing of Tupac Shakur at Quad Recording Studio in Manhattan in 1994. He says Jimmy Henchman paid him $2500 to do the deed. 

Isaac's serving life in prison for other crimes, and in a jailhouse phone call with Gully TV he explained that Pac's buddy Stretch -- who was with Pac that day -- set Pac up.

"Stretch set the whole shit up," Isaac says in the interview, "He was in cahoots and was giving us the play by play. He was in communication with Jimmy [Henchman] who had promised him [a quarter brick of cocaine]."

Stretch ended up getting killed exactly a year later, leading some to speculate it was revenge for his role in the robbery.

For his part, Pac had said he was angry Stretch didn't do more to protect him during the shooting and suspected he may have set him up. He got even angrier when Stretch "switched sides" and began working with Pac's rival Nas.

Pac addressed Stretch in his track "Against All Odds."

And that nigga that was down for me, restin' dead
Switched sides, guess his new friends wanted him dead

In addition to fingering Stretch as the sneak who set Pac up, Isaac used his prison interview to push back against Walter 'King Tut' Johnson's claims that it was he who did the Quad Studio shooting.

According to Isaac, he confronted Tut in Leavenworth Prison and demanded that he explain the jewelry which was taken from Pac that day and more details of the robbery. According to Isaac, Tut couldn't.

Check the interview below:

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