2Pac's Outlawz Pal Napoleon Tries To Debunk Popular Theory On Who Killed Pac


Most folks think 2Pac was killed by Crompton Crip Orlando "Baby Lane" Anderson, who Pac had fought with earlier in the evening of the night he was shot in Las Vegas.

But not 2Pac's Outlawz pal Napoleon, who was among Pac's entourage that night.

He says another Outlawz member Yaki Kadafi (who, like Anderson, was killed soon after the Pac shooting) looked right into the eyes of Pac's shooter and that it wasn't Baby Lane. 

"Kadafi actually saw the person who killed Pac," Napoleon said in a YouTube video. "He said the guy looked right at him, he pulled the arm out and saw the shooting you know what I mean. They witnessed it, the Outlawz was there but Kadafi seen the guy. The guy looked at Kadafi and Kadafi looked back at him. And Kadafi didn’t expect, he didn’t know what was about to happen until he seen an arm come out the window. I don’t think it was Baby Lane (Orlando Anderson), the one who Kadafi seen."

Napoleon added that Kadafi didn't go to the police with that info because he wouldn't snitch. He also believes people who wanted Pac gone took advantage of the scuffle in Vegas to take him out in a way that wouldn't draw suspicion onto them.

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