2Pac's Crew Pulled Guns On HS Football Team Right Before He Was Killed

By HHL Editors

During what turned out to be his last ride to Las Vegas, 2Pac and his entourage made a pit stop at a fast food restaurant in Barstow, California.

The players and coaches on Long Beach Polytechnic High School's football did the same thing at the same time. Needless to say, the youngsters were thrilled to see Pac.

However, when a group of the students timidly approached Pac in the parking lot things got ugly quickly.

"At one point, Tupac heard the approaching footsteps and spun," according to Bleacher Report.  "Meanwhile, two of his colleagues pulled out what looked to be Glocks. Hollie, Barnes and the others stopped in their tracks. “Bloods, you can’t be walking up on me like that!” Tupac yelled. “You don’t know me like that!”
The players remembered the scene years later.

"He was extremely paranoid," one player, Larry Croom (who later played in the NFL) recalled. "He started cursing - he was irate. We were just kids, so it was definitely an overreaction," he added. "When we first approached Tupac, I wasn't star-struck - I was scared," said Darrell Rideaux. "There was this feeling of anxiety and unease."
Pac eventually calmed down and made small talk with the boys. But the encounter left a bad taste in many of their mouths, and a few of them cursed Pac as their bus drove away.

"There was one guy coming on our bus, and I won’t give up his name," Croom said. "But he screamed, 'That’s why you got shot! And the next time I hope you die!'"
Hours later, Tupac was gunned down outside of the MGM Grand Arena.  He was 25.

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