2Pac Was Going To Be Raped In Prison In Original Version Of 'All Eyez On Me'

By HHL Editors

John Singleton was attached to direct the 2Pac biopic All Eyez On Me for a number of years.

But Singleton, who directed Pac in Poetic Justice, left the film and was eventually replaced by Benny Boom.

Since then, Singleton's been trashing the project to anyone who wants to hear.

Boom and the movie's producer L.T. Hutton stopped by The Breakfast Club today and told their side of the story.

As they did, the discussed some aspects of Singleton's version of the film which some of 2Pac's fans may find disturbing.

Hutton said in Singleton's script the movie opens with Pac in the studio with the two white women. One is giving Pac's friend head. Pac tries to have anal sex with the other one and is denied. The scene ends with Pac kicking the girls out and saying "go home and tell your dad you got fucked by a nigga today."

Hutton also reports that Singleton had Pac getting raped in prison, and depicted Tupac’s mother Afeni Shakur participating in a threesome.

Hutton added that there were so many sex scenes in Singleton's version that it was basically porn, and also forwarded the argument that Singleton and Pac were not on good terms when Pac died.

Jump to the 13-minute mark to hear about Singleton's alleged script changes. pixel_end

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