03 Greedo Explains Why He Hates J. Cole's Music

By Daryl Nelson

Back in April, 03 Greedo tweeted "No thanks" when J. Cole announced that he was dropping his KOD album. While some might've thought the Cali rapper was just dismissing the LP, he was actually dismissing all of Cole's music.

In an interview with VladTV, Greedo explained why he isn't into the North Carolina spitter and why he hates his music.

“I didn’t say nothing about his album," he said about that tweet in April.  "I didn’t even know that nigga was dropping an album, to be real. I saw some news, saw J. Cole’s name and got mad. I always get mad. I hate that nigga’s music. I don’t hate him personally; I wouldn’t beat him up or try to start something.”

He then said Cole makes music for the "plain old background guy," while he makes music for another type of rap fan. Greedo also mentioned that he hates how Cole dresses.

"I’m making music for the niggas who lost somebody in the system, lost somebody in the streets, niggas who want to show they have a heart even though we out here thuggin’,” he explained. “He ain’t getting no hair done or haircut. That man look crazy. So he gonna have these young niggas that look up to him walkin’ around like that — got my little nephews and shit lookin’ crazy. No, nigga. You should be dressed to impress.”

Greedo then explained that he prefers rappers like Migos and Lil Yachty, because they give the culture flavor.

"Thank you," he told them. "You get you a check, boss up and get dope. We black kings out here. Don't be walking around here looking like no fucking smoker."

Meanwhile, Greedo turned himself in to the authorities earlier this week to start a 20-year prison sentence for a 2016 arrest on weapons and drug-trafficking.

What do you think about what he said?

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